What are you really expecting?

Theres some things that this just isn’t for:

  1. Affirming your tastes in books
  2. Objectivity 
  3. Finding a superior opinion 
  5. Pictures of my dog

Basically what I am trying to say is when you come here, you’re here to find out about books. About opinions, characters, a new perspective that maybe you haven’t thought about before. In no way do I deserve to stand as a superior opinion, nor do my opinions serve for any purpose other than to let you guys know how I feel about something.

Reading is a personal journey. Everyone will have likes and dislikes that will be challenged at some stage of our mediocre lives. This doesn’t mean there is a right or a wrong, it only means that discourse is healthy. Allow yourself to be challenged and put on the spot, fight and argue for what you may think is the best book to have ever been written on this entire literary planet (even if it that may be Twilight).

I think having an opinion, especially one seen as ‘other’, in this point of time is often shamed and ridiculed. Its hard to break away from what everyone is saying even when you yourself believes something entirely different. Even in the world of literature, where opinions are based on the TOP 100 badly written lists on GoodRead, its hard to point out where you disagree in fear of being mocked or emotionally bashed up.

I love Shakespeare, I hate John Green, I like YA Fiction, I dislike the Hunger Games… And I don’t want to be afraid to say it. Just don’t let anyone get hurt in the process because John Green as a person is very lovely I am sure.

One thing that we have in common: We escape the banalities of our lives through living vicariously through the experiences of fiction, allowing us to understand, shape and create our identities through the world of books.

So what is this place for then?

  1. This place is for me mainly to share what I think and keep track of what I read 
  2. For healthy but respectful discourse 
  3. Opinions! Opinions! Opinions!! 
  4. To escape from how boring and lame our actual lives are 
  5. Understand, in the future, what helped me become me. 
  6. (Maybe some creative work eventually….) 

Welcome and have a nice stay!


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